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First, thanks for your interest in the EDC Democratic Party's Issues, Policy, and Resolutions Committee.

We do not have fancy think tanks or public relations firms to flesh out our topics.  We rely on local input to craft the message for a local audience. 

We are seeking those with an interest in the Issues and those with an expertise in the topics.

In El Dorado County we are suburban, exurban, and rural communities that require a modified approach to communicate the compelling argument. Our role is to address the issues, to support local candidates, and make meaningful change. Our efforts will be primarily around the Key Issues identified in our Strategic Planning process. These Key Issues may be modified at an upcoming Strategic Planning session of the EDCDCC.

Examples of what products we generate include:
    • Paragraph Length Blurbs
    • Talking Points
    • News Releases
    • Letters to The Editor
    • Op-Ed Pieces.
Other components may include:
    • Issue Action Planning
    • Developing a Speaker Bureau 
    • Holding Seminars/Webinars/Informational Meetings
We anticipate collaborating in small groups so that we can minimize the bur
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What topics interest you?  Please select all that apply.
Economic Development
Affordable/Workforce Housing & Homelessness
Wild Fire Prevention & Fire Insurance
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Which of the following types of projects or output products are you most interested in? Please select all that apply.
Debunking myths or legends
Rapid Response messaging
Long form position papers
Letters to Editor
Paragraph long descriptions of policy
Press releases
Talking points
Powerpoint presentations
Participating in a Speakers Bureau (list subject area(s))
Providing Subject Matter Expertise (list in comment section)
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Telephone calls
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