The Leadership Council Education Committee seeks to build awareness of long-term reliability and consistency in internet connectivity and broadband access for remote workers, telehealth for patients, e-learning for students, and other critical business and industry sectors in the Southwestern Illinois (SWIL) region enabling further economic development and educational enhancement activities. 
The results from this survey will help our strategic regional planning for the SWIL Illinois Connected Communities cohort to build awareness of connectivity challenges, advocate for enhanced connectivity with state and federal legislators and related companies, identify regional broadband and internet connectivity key priorities in urban, suburban, and rural SWIL areas, identify Infrastructure solutions to bridge digital connectivity, and build regional strategic alliances to further connectivity efforts. These efforts enable digital literacy and readiness activities for all residents with an emphasis on underserved communities. All information provided in this survey will be used for these purposes. We appreciate your input as part of this important effort to help SWIL to be a technology leader and our communities to be connected to meet the broadband needs of the future.
Thank you for your participation and time to complete our survey.