Club Braman Spotlight Episode 11 Contest
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Thank you for watching our 11th episode of CLUB BRAMAN SPOTLIGHT. We hope you enjoyed the show.

This is the contest described in the show. Please answer the three easy multiple choice questions below, referring to content in the show. All correct entries will go into a random drawing for 1 of 20 prizes.

You have until midnight on Friday(11/20/20) to complete the contest. The winners will be contacted by email on Monday (11/23).

Good luck!
Required 1.
How old are the endangered Malayan tiger cubs at Palm Beach Zoo?
1 year
1 month
6 months
Required 2.

Club Braman Spotlight visited the Lynora's location in what city? 

West Palm Beach
Boca Raton
Palm Beach Gardens
Required 3.
What kind of practice does Dr. Rasmi own and run?
Required 4.
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