2020 CARES Act Funding Application
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United Way of Logan County has just been named the sub-recipient of CARES Act funding from the City of Bellefontaine and the Logan County Commissioners. At least $50,000 and perhaps up to $150,000 will soon be available to distribute to Logan County 501c3 organizations who serve individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19.

All Logan County 501c3 organizations are invited to apply for funding by NOON on Friday November 20.  

Recipient organizations must:

*  Be a 501c3 organization

*  Be located in and serve Logan County

*  Use funds to serve individuals who have been physically or economically affected by COVID-19 AND advance their health, education, or financial stability.

*  Dollars could be used to expand existing services or programs, stock up on materials and supplies, purchase new equipment / materials, create a safer environment, etc., so long as the expenses can be related to the impact of COVID-19 / restrictions.

*  Expend funds by December 28, 2020 and report back to United Way of Logan County about how the money was spent.

Please contact Dave Bezusko at (937) 592-2886 for more information.
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My organization is a 501c3 non-profit. Please e-mail a copy of your organization's 501c3 letter.
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HOW has your agency and/or the clients you aim to serve been affected by COVID-19?

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NAME OF PROGRAM / USE OF FUNDS.  Describe in detail what you intend to do with your grant dollars.  If you have more than one program, detail all of the potential uses of your grant dollars.


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LINE ITEM BUDGET.  Type in below (or attach to e-mail) a line-item budget of how you would use your grant dollars.

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VERIFY that you can expend your grant dollars and report back to United Way by December 28, 2020.

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VERIFY that you would spend grant dollars only on clients from Logan County.

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Could you / would you be able to accept partial grant funding?  Or does your request require the full amount to allow for operation of the program?

We could accept partial funding
We would need to receive the full funding request

Any other comments / information you feel the United Way Board should know.


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