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We heard you... Debit Cards are coming! This is wonderful news and we want to hit the ground running. The following sign up is to get a head start on the roll out of our Debit Card services that will be available in approximately eight months! By filling this out it will help us gather your information, so we can get you the debit card faster. If you want to sign up for a debit card then please fill out the information below and we will put you on the list to get the process started! We will have more information being released as we receive it.
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Would you like to opt in for the NEW Debit Card?

** By opting into the new Debit Card, you will be opening a Better Than Free E Checking account that can be accessed through your current online banking.

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Do you want to choose your image on the new debit card, have a standard PSRFCU branded image, or do you have a preferance?

I would love my own customized Debit Card!
A branded PSRFCU debit card works great!
I have no preference, I am just excited to get a Debit Card!
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If your account becomes negative for whatever reason, would you be interested in an automatic transfer option or Line of Credit. 

Automatic Transfer
Line of Credit
Not interested in either
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It may take up to 8 months to receive our Debit Cards. In the interim, we can bring in a prepaid instant load card if we have enough members that are interested. PSRFCU would cover up to $10 a month in fees. Would this be something you are interested in?

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Would you be interested in gift cards for birthday's and/or holiday's?

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How often do you use an ATM to pull out cash each month?


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What other new services would you like to see at the Credit Union?


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Do you have a story to share with us about using a CU service we could use?


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