Business Excellence Awards - A Celebration of Resilience
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Thank you for taking the time to nominate our region's most exceptional individuals and businesses for the 'Celebration of Resilience ~ Business Excellence Awards'. The deadline for nominations is January 22nd 2021.
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Select the category that you would like to nominate for. If you feel the nominee fits into more than one category, please select a maximum of 2. The Chamber may place the nominee in the appropriate category.
Business of the Year - Small (1-10 Employees)
Business of the Year - Medium (11-25 Employees)
Business of the Year - Large (26+ Employees)
New Business of the Year
Supporter of the Arts Business of the Year
Community Builder Business of the Year
Not-For-Profit Organization of the Year
Business Leader of the Year - Self Owned
Business Leader of the Year - Corporate
Business Leader of the Year - U40
Community Frontline Heroes
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Please write a short explanation of why you think this nominee is worthy of being recognized for this award. If chosen for the shortlist, the nominee will be asked to provide more details and references.

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We appreciate you taking the time to recognize a worthy business, organization or individual in our community. Please fill out your contact information to validate the nomination. Your information will NOT be shared with the nominee or used for marketing purposes.

Self-nominations are accepted. If this is a self-nomination, please select the box and input the name and contact information of a person outside of your business who can endorse the nomination. 
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How are you associated with the Nominee or Nominee's Business:

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How did you hear about the "Celebration of Resilience" Business Excellence Awards? (Please select all that apply)

Chamber Newsletter
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Chamber Website
Announcement at Chamber event
Peace Arch News
Carol Book
Another Business
A friend or co-worker
Phone call from Chamber staff
Chamber flyer
I am a member of this Chamber
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If you would like to add any further details to support the nomination, please add it here.


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