2021 Association of Coach Training Organizations Scholarship Application
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The Association of Coach Training Organizations [ACTO] is pleased to offer an annual scholarship to the individual(s) who best meets the objectives of the established scholarship. This opportunity is open to both new students and those in need of financial support to complete a coach training program. Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to meet the following:

1) A commitment to pursue a career in coaching and ultimately, credentialing through a recognized professional body.
2. A desire to use coaching to positively impact society, ideally working with underserved populations.
3.) Demonstration of financial need.
Completed scholarship applications must be submitted to ACTO by April 1, 2021 to allow time for the Committee to fully evaluate the application, which may or may not include an opportunity to interview the applicant.  Decisions will be made and announced at the 2021 ACTO Conference (June 16-18, 2021)
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What brings you to coaching? Share your experiences, education, etc.

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What is your vision of how you will use your coaching after training?


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Being awarded a scholarship for my coach training will provide me the opportunity to...

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Please write a brief statement to demonstrate your financial need.

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We would like you to provide us with two (2) personal references who may be contacted by the Scholarship Committee.  Please provide names, contact information and your relationship to each.  Thank you. 

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What else would you like the Committee to know?

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By selecting YES below, I understand that my information can be shared with the ACTO Scholarship Committee and agree that I can be available for an interview with the Scholarship Committee as part of the application process. Further, I understand that should I receive an ACTO scholarship, I will be able to choose the participating ACTO coach training program which best meets my training objectives and commit to begin my training within 9 months of the award.