SWCRC Leadership 21 2021 - 2022 Application
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  • Include a current resume or additional sheets that include any of the following:
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  • Educational background, including degrees, professional certifications, etc.
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Special honors, awards, and recognition
  • Volunteer/community involvement, including duties, board positions, etc.


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Personal Recommendation:
List three people who are personally knowledgeable about your leadership performance and potential.  Provide their phone number and/or email address.

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  • Attendance at one-day orientation is mandatory.
  • No more than one absence is permitted.
  • Employer support for your time involved is critical.
  • Tuition for each participant is $250.
I fully understand the commitment required and will devote the time and resources necessary to be a successful participant in Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber's Leadership 21.

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What do you consider your most important accomplishment in any of the business, professional, or job related organizations that you listed previously? Why? What role did you play?


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What, in your opinion, are your top three leadership traits?

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What specific skills/knowledge do you hope to gain from your participation in Leadership 21?

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In your judgement, what are the three most pressing problems facing the Southern Wayne County area?  Explain your choices and give any recommendations you may have for approaching and resolving these problems.

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Why should you be considered as a participant in Leadership 21?


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