GTL Challenge Scholarship Application Fall 2021 - Graduate
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Do you work during the school term? If so, please indicate in the comment box where and how many hours per week on average.  

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Do you belong to any student organization or other group on or off campus? If so, please name or describe the group(s) or organization(s). 

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Briefly tell us your personal reasons for wishing to participate in the GTL program? For dual-degree MS students, please discuss why you have decided to complete your last semester in Atlanta.   


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Please describe your future professional goals.  


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Describe your personal situation and explain why you are applying for this scholarship. How will this scholarship make a difference to you? 


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What are some of the non-academic goals you plan to achieve while attending GTL? (or GT in Atlanta for dual-degree MS applicants) 


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What challenges do you expect to be faced with during this semester in Europe? (For dual-degree MS applicants, same question, but for the semester in Atlanta) 


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What do you hope to bring back from your semester abroad? 


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To complete this application, please ask a faculty member, advisor, or employer to email a letter of recommendation to:
Ms. Allie Crain,  

*For dual-degree MS program candidates spending a semester in Atlanta, please ask a faculty member or advisor from GTL to write a letter of recommendation.


Please indicate in the field below who this person is (name and relation to you).  


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In accepting this scholarship, you agree to participate as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine. This would entail being available to be interviewed about how the scholarship made a difference to you and possibly speaking at alumni or other events. You might also be asked to give a written or video testimonial about your experience at GTL. (Dual-degree MS students may be asked to give a testimonial about both GTL and GT.)

I agree to act as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine.
I do not agree to act as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine.