Planning Survey - 33rd Food Label Conference
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Prime Label Consultants is excited to announce our 33rd Annual Food Label Conference, taking place virtually on June 7-8 in a brand new format. Due to the pandemic, this will be an online conference with 2 days of Main Conference sessions in June followed by 10 monthly topical sessions to keep you up to date throughout the year. We call this new format the Continuing Conference.

Please help us make the 33rd Virtual Food Label Conference the best one ever by giving us input below. As a thank you for your feedback, you will receive a discount of $250 off your conference registration (when you register and pay by January 31, 2021).
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Main Conference (June 7-8, noon - 4:30p ET): Main conference sessions will highlight current and former government officials to give insight into government priorities and enforcement actions for the upcoming year. In order to make the conference as informative as possible, we would like your input on the topics we are considering below.
(Please suggest additional topics in the Comments box.)
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FDA Nutrition Innovation Strategy Drivers & Expectations for the Future (FDA invited)
Bioengeering Labeling: Updates and Enforcement Priorities (Food Disclosure and Labeling Division, AMS-USDA invited)
Federal Trade Commission: Labeling Triggers and Enforcement (Federal Trade Commission invited)
Small Group Workshop: Bleeding Edge Labeling Claims (FTC & industry expert moderators invited)
FSIS Local Inspectors: Labeling Oversight and New Non-Compliance Trends (Office of Field Operations USDA-FSIS invited)
FDA Label Enforcement Priorities: NLR, Allergens, Immunity Claims, etc. (Labeling Regulations Implementation Team FDA-CFSAN invited)
USDA Policy: Nutrition Label Reform, Future of Generic, & Other Emerging Issues (Labeling and Program Delivery Staff USDA-FSIS invited)
Dietary Guidelines 2020 (USDA invited)
Premarket Regulatory Approval of Food Ingredients (FDA invited)
Legal Perspective: Predictions for the New Administration
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Continuing Conference (July - April, 3 - 4p ET): Ten 1 hour sessions by government & industry experts held on the first Wednesday of every month. Sessions will focus on trending topics to keep you abreast of the latest developments in labeling. Video playback will be available for a limited time. Please give us a sense of the 10 sessions you would be interested in below:

Global Labeling Trends
Keto, Paleo, and Diet Trends
Food Litigation Trends
Animal Welfare Claims
Expert Witness Perspective on Claims and Clean Labeling
Prop 65 and State Labeling Trends
Flavor Labeling Trends and Case Studies
CBD and Cannabis Regulation by FDA
State Departments of Agriculture and Small Business Collaboration
Allergen Legislation & Regulation Trends
Added Sugar Labeling and Claims
Product Naming Trends
Organic Labeling Update (USDA speaker)
USDA Export (USDA speaker)
Child Nutrition Labeling (USDA speaker)
Food Marketing Trends
FDA GRAS Determination & Tips
Cell Cultured Meat & Plant-Based Trends
Framework for Evaluating Undefined Claims
Ecommerce & Online Labeling Trends
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Add-on Pre- & Post-Conference Training Seminars (June 2, 3, 4, 14, 15, 16): Please check all of the seminars you or a colleague might be interested in attending (for an additional fee), and suggest any you would like to see added:
FDA Labeling Basics (Two 3 hour sessions)
USDA Labeling Basics (Two 3 hour sessions)
Bioengineered Label Disclosure (One 3 hour session)
Labeling and Marketing Claims (Two 3 hour sessions)
USDA Generic Labeling (One 3 hour session)
Nutrient Content Claims (One 3 hour session)
Canadian Labeling (Two 3 hour sessions)
Mexico Labeling Update (One 3 hour session)
Export to China (One 3 hour session)
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Labeling Areas: Please select labeling areas of interest to your company:

USDA Packaged Food
FDA Packaged Food
Private Label / Co-packing
Further Processing / Food Service
International Packaged Food
Graphics / Supplier / Consultant
Attorney / Legal Profession
Other: please recommend new areas of interest in Comments below:
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Conference Attendance: How many Food Label Conferences have you attended in the past?

None, but I would like to attend this year
2 - 5
6 - 10
more than 10

Moderator Volunteer:  Would you be willing to moderate a Claims workshop (no expertise required) for a discount on the conference price?  If so, please provide your contact information below:

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Conference NetworkingNetworking has often been the most rewarding part of our conference, but virtual networking has its challenges. This year we are adding an optional networking activity - a cheese board building class. If you are interested in this, what would be the best time to engage in this activity?

Outside of work time - Sunday afternoon 3-4p ET, before the conference starts
Outside of work time - Monday evening 8-9p ET
Right after the conference ends - Tuesday afternoon 5-6p ET
Other Suggestions:  Do you have any other feedback (speakers, panelists, topics, events, themes, etc) for our 2021 Food Label Conference?

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