2021 ACTO Conference Scholarship Application
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Completed scholarship applications must be submitted to ACTO on or before Friday, April 9, 2021 for evaluation. Decisions will be made and all applicants notified via email on or before May 1, 2021.  Please answer the questions below. 
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Please tell us a little about you and your coach training journey. Include information concerning your identification as a member of a historically disadvantaged or demographically underrepresented group. 

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Please write a brief statement to demonstrate your financial need. 


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Please share a brief personal statement on the opportunity to attend this conference, etc. 

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Are you an ACTO member?  If yes, please provide your organization name.
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By selecting YES below, I understand that my information may be shared with the ACTO Scholarship Committee and agree that I will be available for an interview if needed. Further, I understand that should I be unable to attend the conference, I am to notify ACTO by June 1 so that the scholarship can be used by another individual.