Pre-Session Survey - 2021
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Delegate Kenneth R. "Ken" Plum
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What are the three most important issues facing the General Assembly this year? (choose three)

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
Ending housing evictions
Ending gun violence
Increasing use of renewable energy
Reforming immigration policies
Improving access to health care for Virginians
Ending Hunger
Protecting the environment
Instituting criminal justice reform and racial justice policies
Expanding affordable housing
Funding education
Ensuring access to voting rights
Balancing the state budget
Expanding mass transit and alternative transportation methods
Improving the economy/creating jobs
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To improve our education system, (choose all that you support)

Re-open public schools full time
Provide more funding and flexibility for virtual education delivery
Provide funding to lower class sizes
Provide localities with the flexibility to create charter schools
Improve access to preschool and high-quality childcare
Provide localities with the flexibility to determine the beginning and end of the school year
Restore funding cut from K-12 education during the recession
Reduce the number of SOL tests administered in the schools
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To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which of the following do you support? (choose all that apply)

Extend the limitation on public gathering until health specialists advise that it is safe to lift restrictions
Make the wearing of masks required in public
Keep schools closed until health experts advise that it is safe to open
Drop limitations on public gatherings and the wearing of masks
Institute public awareness campaign on importance of vaccination for COVID-19
Provide bonus pay for health care workers
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Please indicate whether you support, oppose, are undecided or need more information on the following health care issues:
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Give the governor state and local authority to enforce restrictions on public during a pandemic  
Provide more funding for food and nutrition in food deserts  
Pass a law that states the use of FDA-approved birth control will not be treated as an abortion  
Expand access to affordable health care  
Increase the tax on cigarettes to pay Medicaid-related costs  
Increase the amount of time a person may be detained against his or her will for mental health treatment  
Increase funding to help fight opioid addiction  
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To increase energy efficiency, indicate if you support, oppose, are undecided or need more information on the following:

 Support Oppose Undecided Need more information  
A utility structure that encourages conservation  
Mandatory "green building" requirements  
Incentives to homeowners to reduce residential consumption  
Incentives with the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles  
Additional fees to support energy audits and efficiency improvements  
Additional fees to increase investments in public transit  
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Indicate which initiatives to help Virginia's seniors you support, oppose, are undecided or need more information on?

 Support Oppose Undecided Need more infromation  
Mandatory minimum sentences for caregivers who financially exploit incapacitated adults  
Set minimum staffing standards for nursing homes  
Priority for senior citizens to receive COVID-19 vaccinations  
Enhance Medicaid reimbursement rates for in-home medical service providers  
Require in-home medical service providers to be licensed by the state  
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Indicate whether you support, oppose, are undecided or need more information on the following immigration issues:
 Support Oppose Undecided Need more information  
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship of all who are arrested and to hold undocumented immigrants for federal authorities  
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship ONLY of those accused or convicted of violent crimes and then notify federal authorities of undocumented immigrants  
Requiring all businesses with state contracts to use the E-Verify system, which verifies the immigration status of all potential employees  
Local and state police should not be required to enforce federal immigration laws  
Undocumented children who meet certain requirements should qualify for in-state tuition  
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What are your priorities for state funding? (choose up to five)

K-12 education
Higher education
Other health services
Chesapeake Bay clean-up
Public safety
Veterans services
Economic development programs
Lower income taxes across the board
Lower income taxes for corporations
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Many states are passing laws to help working families. Which of the following would you support? (choose all that apply)

Increase minimum wage to $15 an hour
Increase minimum wage to $12 an hour
Set minimum wage to inflation
Repeal the right to work law
Require employers to provide sick leave
Require employers to provide paid maternity and paternity leave
Establish a refundable earned income tax
Require employers to provide a non-restroom area for new mothers to breastfeed or pump and store milk
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Indicate whether you support, oppose, are undecided or need more information on the following criminal justice reforms:
 Support Oppose Undecided Need more information  
Eliminate cash bail  
Establish more vocational and transition programs for prisoners  
No juvenile under 16 referred to adult court  
End the school to prison pipeline  
Eliminate sentencing by juries  
Expunge court records of juveniles when they become adults  
End capital punishment  
Provide reparations for persons wrongfully convicted  
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Please indicate any need for which you think a law should pass to prohibit or to promote that need or issue. In other words, are there specific laws you think the General Assembly should pass this session?

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