NHBSR Spring Conference Break-out Session Proposal
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Silver Linings: Resiliency and Regeneration
Wednesday-Thursday, May 5-6
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
OverviewNHBSR's 2021 Spring Conference, Silver Linings: Resiliency and Regeneration, will focus on the sustainability opportunities emerging from the challenges, lessons and inspirations of a world in upheaval. From COVID-19 drastically and fundamentally changing the way we work and engage with each other to the mobilization of a movement that champions racial equity, recent circumstances offer profound opportunities for learning and inspiration.

2021's conference will explore strategies and goals to enable professionals to enact meaningful changes within their organizations, with impacts on the environment, their workplaces, and their communities. As New Hampshire's leading conference for corporate social responsibility, NHBSR's Spring Conference features both local and internationally recognized thought leaders. This year speakers will present in 45 minute breakout sessions that are designed to help attendees take sustainable aspirations to actionable efforts.

AudienceParticipants come from a wide range of industries, including: manufacturing, professional services, nonprofit, education, hospitality, energy and retail services. Professionals within these industries work within the C-suite, human resources, marketing, finance, operations and sustainability functions.
ProgramWhile we are interested in all innovative ideas, we will prioritize submissions that focus on the following: 
  • Solutions - focused and outcomes based - and leave participants with clear, actionable insights.
  • Participation - integrates meaningful opportunities for audience interaction with one another and the speakers into the session design.  We deeply value building meaningful connections and networks. The level of engagement and interaction reflected in your proposal will impact its scoring in our evaluation.
  • Diversity - accurately represents the diverse perspectives and people working across sectors on the topic being discussed.
  •  Collaboration - builds on and demonstrates the opportunities inherent in the collective intelligence that stakeholder engagement brings.
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A Sustainable Future - Addressing the Climate Crisis
Coming Together to Address top Issues of 2020 - Equity, Affordable Care, etc.
Conscious Business Leadership/Leading with Purpose
Embedding Sustainability in Your Strategy
Employee Engagement, Health, Wellness and Culture
Redesigning for Success - Innovation and Adaptability
Other: we love new ideas!!!
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As emphasized in the conference description, we deeply value building meaningful connections and networks. Our selection committee evaluates proposals on their level of audience engagement and interactivity. How do you intend to engage and connect with your online audience?


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What knowledge or skills will attendees take away from your proposed session? 

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Who is the intended audience for your proposed session? Do they need prior knowledge to benefit from your workshop? If they already do have basic knowledge of the concepts you intend to cover, is there the opportunity for them to take their understandings further?

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If the proposed session has multiple speakers, please list potential speakers' names, titles, companies and emails, if known at this point. 

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Thank you for your interest in participating in NHBSR's Spring Conference!

Please note that NHBSR does not provide honorariums for session speakers. We are happy to offer each confirmed speaker a complimentary pass to attend the entire conference, and welcome and encourage their engagement with as much of the program as they are available for!