Pensacola Hunter Jumper Year End Awards Voting
Thank you for taking the time to vote for the following PHJA Year End Awards:
2020 Sportsmanship Award
2020 Trainer of the Year Award
2020 Iole Taylor Memorial Award

Each person is allowed one vote. Voting will close February 28. Recipients will be announced March 1st.  Right now the awards banquet is in limbo, as we monitor COVID-19 cases in Florida.  Stay tuned for updates via social media and email. We anticipate presenting the awards at the April 17 & 18 Spring Celebration Horse Show.
2020 Sportsmanship Award nominee.  Please share your reasons for voting for this person.

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2020 Trainer of the Year nomination.  Please share your reasons for nominating this person.

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Iole Taylor Memorial Trophy
This award is intended to recognize the person (rider, trainer, parent) that demonstrates passion for equestrian sport, grace, courage, and fortitude as they support or participate in competitive equestrian sport. 
Iole Taylor Memorial Award

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