GTL Blogger Contest - Spring 2022
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If applicable, list the URL of a blog that you created of currently write for.

Note: you do not need to have any blogging experience to apply for or win the contest - writing skills and initiative are more important...although creating your own simple blog for the application has been known to impress the judges... 


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Briefly, tell us about where you have traveled. Is this your first trip abroad?  


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To complete this application, please email the following to Allie Crain at (and make sure the subject of your email is, "GTL Blogger Contest - Spring 2022).

1. Your blogger bio and photo (see the GTL Blog for ideas)

2. Your first blog post, telling readers about why you are excited to go to GTL and what you plan on sharing with them through the blog. (please include photos)


If you've created your own blog to show us your stuff, please post the URL below.  


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