CMH COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List
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Which CMH clinic are you a patient?

Ash Grove Family Medical Center
Bolivar Family Care Center
Butterfield Park Medical Center
Dade County Family Medical Center
Dallas County Family Medical Center
El Dorado Springs Medical Center
Humansville Family Medical Center
Osceola Medical Center
Pleasant Hope Family Medical Center
Southside Medical Center
Stockton Family Medical Center
If you are a CMH patient, you will receive your vaccine at your CMH clinic. We will contact you to schedule an appointment when the vaccine becomes available. In addition to scheduling appointments in advance, there may be times when, to avoid wasting vaccine, we make last-minute calls to offer an appointment. Please tell us if you could be at your chosen clinic location within 45 minutes to take advantage of this opportunity.

We are following Missouri's vaccination plan for prioritization of those who will receive the vaccine. Refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination Phases for Missouri to learn more. 

Please let us know your category:

Phase 1A: Healthcare Worker, EMS/EMT/Paramedics
Phase 1B Tier 1: First Responder & Emergency Services
Phase 1B Tier 2: High Risk Individuals (18-64), individuals older than 65
Phase 1B Tier 3: Essential Workers
Phase 2: Higher Education, Financial Services, Government, Agriculture
Phase 3: All Missouri Residents