2021 Board Candidate Questionnaire
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If you are submitting a nomination on behalf of another individual, please ensure you have confirmed their interest and have their permission to submit their nomination.
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Nominee's full name


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Required 2.

Nominee's Company/Organization


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Required 3.

How long and in what capacity(s) have you been involved with WSRA (committees, conferences, WRED events,etc.)?


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Required 4.
Why would you like to serve on the WSRA Board of Directors?

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Required 5.
What skills, expertise, and experience do you possess that would be make you a valuable addition?

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Required 6.
What area(s) of WSRA's work are you most interested in working on (i.e. Conference, WRED events, Policy, Membership, Finance, etc.)?

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Required 7.
 If I should be elected to WSRA's Board of Directors, I agree to the following responsibilities. 
  1. Volunteer at least 8 - 12 hours per month on WSRA activities (non-compensated).
  2. Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings. Missing no more than 2 in a row or 3 in a year.
  3. Attend the annual board retreat (July)
  4. Cover my board-related travel, lodging and meal expenses.
  5. Chair or co-chair at least one committee.
  6. Attend the annual conference and at least one WRED event each year.
  7. Assist with conference sponsorship solicitation and other fundraising.
  8. Recruit new WSRA members, committee members, and board nominees.
  9. Stay current on all board policies and activities.
  10. Evaluate and contribute to the needs of the organization.
  11. Coordinate opportunities to represent, promote and publicize WSRA.
  12. Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest.
I agree to the responsibilities listed above.
I do not agree to the responsibilities listed above.
Upon completion, please email your headshot to recycle@wsra.net for use in our 2021 Election Packet/Ballot.