2021 KSGFOA Conference Call for Topics & Presenters
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You understand that all presenters are required to register for the conference if attending lunch and/or sessions, and pay all travel expenses to the conference.

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Lead Presenter Name

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Organization Name


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Presenter Email


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Presenter Phone Number


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Co-Presenter Name


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Co-Presenter Organization


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Please provide a short biography (150 words or less) for all presenters. Bio will be included in the conference program.


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Selection Process:
Presentations will be selected based on the information provided. Please provide enough information for the selection committee to understand your session's topic and objectives. Information provided through the application process will be used in the conference materials, including the conference program, website, social media and other materials. Please review the information you provide to ensure that it is accurate and complete.
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Presentation Title

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Target Audience


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Presentation Format

Discussion: facilitated interactive session with or among participants
Information Session: presentation about a program or initiative
Panel Presentation: interview or discussion with multiple subject matter experts
Workshop: hands-on, interactive activities or demonstration
Round Table: multiple topics presented in small table groups that rotate presenters to each table
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Session Description (to be used in conference program)


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What will your audience learn? (session objectives; limit: 125 words)


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Audio/Visual Needs


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