KSGFOA Innovation Award Nomination Application
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The innovation award is designed to recognize and promote creative public finance initiatives and projects that provide innovative and creative solutions to address organizational and community challenges. Winners are those who reflect dedication and inventiveness in public finance and governance to deliver excellence in public services. Initiatives and projects should have occurred within the last two years. Applications are due August 27. 

Initiative and project examples include:
  • Services that have made a contribution to building a transparent, innovative, sustainable and collaborative working environment
  • Creative and original contribution to public financial management and/or governance or demonstrated new thinking in how to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Achievements in new ways to realize efficiencies, improving effectiveness, increasing performance and/or provide competitive advantage
  • Innovative approach to delivering high quality, accessible and clear financial  reports and accounts
  • Delivery of high quality financial reporting in line with accepted accounting principles that is accessible and readily understood by the public
  • Innovative response to financial challenges
  • Innovative approaches that utilize effective financial planning and leadership.
  • Transformational services that have resulted in the delivery of financial and operational advantages
  • Creativity in working to achieve financial resilience against a backdrop of challenges
  • Successfully improved organizational processes, systems and policies, while supp
Award submission information should include a full description of the innovative project or initiative and any and all supporting detailed documentation.  The initiative or project can be a result of; taking an existing product or service and improving it, developing a new idea, or a combination of both.

Award review will evaluate the overall impact that the innovation has had on the organization or community and whether the innovation achieved or exceeded its objectives and goals.  Review criteria will include the evaluation of how the project or initiative improved such things as efficiency, effectiveness, process improvements, service delivery, transparency, etc.

The award nominee must receive the support of a majority of the KSGFOA Board to be given the award. The name of the award recipient(s) will be recognized and presented with an award at the Virtual KSGFOA Annual Conference Business Meeting.

The KSGFOA Board will solicit nominations for this award on an annual basis although KSGFOA members may submit nominations meeting the above criteria to the KSGFOA President at any time. Nominations must be submitted at least two months prior to the date of the annual conference in which an award may be given.

The KSGFOA Board will evaluate nominees for the award. Nominated candidates not selected for the award may be considered by the KSGFOA Board for a future award.
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Provide a full description of the nominee's creative public finance project or initiative. Send supplemental examples and/or documentation to paula.downs@wichita.edu with the subject "KSGFOA Innovation Award Nomination Documents."


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