2021 Westfalen Inspection Tour Planning Survey
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The Westfalen Verband North America is planning for a 2021 inspection tour as we look forward to the easing of travel restrictions.  Your answers will help us plan inspection sites near you, or allow you to request an open or private inspection site of your own.  Due to the uncertain timing of the resumption of international travel, we appreciate your patience and flexibility in planning tour dates and locations.  Mail-In Registration and Virtual Mare Inspection will again be offered in 2021 as needed for those who cannot travel, or those without a site within reasonable distance, as well as for foals whose dams have already been entered into the mare books. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey!  

The Westfalen Verband NA accepts Warmblood mares and stallions from recognized Warmblood breeding organizations (i.e. Westfalen, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, KWPN, etc.), as well as Thoroughbreds, Anglo-Arabians, Arabians and Shagya Arabians.  We also have books for German Riding Ponies (eligible breeds include German and other European Riding Ponies, Welsh A,B,C, D, New Forest, Connemara, Arabian, etc.), as well as books for Haflingers and Knabstruppers.  We also can provide Passports and Microchips for horses needing Permanent Identification under USEF's new rules.

Foals sired by stallions fully licensed by other accepted breeding organizations are eligible for registration too.   For more information visit www.westfalenverband.com or call 605-669-2200 with any questions.
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Please list your preference for an Inspection Site location for 2021: 


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Are you interested in hosting a Westfalen inspection in 2021?   

Yes, I might be interested in hosting an inspection
No, I am not interested in hosting an inspection
I would like to request a private inspection at my farm
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How many Mares do you plan to present for inspection in 2021 (not already in the Westfalen mare books)? 

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How many Foals/Youngsters do you plan to register in 2021?


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Do you prefer Mail-In Registration or In-Person Inspection for 2021?

I prefer to bring my foal/s to an In-Person Inspection
I prefer to register my foal/s using Mail-In Registration
I would like to use Mail-In Registration and also bring my mare/foal to an Inspection if possible
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Do you plan to present a stallion for inspection in 2021?  If yes, please provide name, DOB, breed and registration number in comment section below:

Yes, I plan to present a stallion/stallions to the Westfalen NA for licensing
No, I do not plan to present a stallion
I have a stallion/s to send to the Stallion Performance Test
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Which Awards Programs are you most interested in participating in?  Please select all that apply.

USDF All Breeds Awards
USEF and USEA High Point Awards
Dressage at Devon Breed Classes
Young Horse Series (YHS) Shows
Sallie B. Wheeler Series
High Point Ribbons at local & regional shows
Westfalen Breeder Point Awards - awarded by registry
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Which Organizations and Show Series are you most likely to be actively involved in this year?  Please select all that apply.
USEF and USHJA Recognized Shows
USDF Recognized Shows
USEA Recognized Events
USEA Future Event Horse Series
Combined Driving
Hunter Breeding
Young Horse Show Series
Unrecognized Shows
Clinics and Training Opportunities
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Which Show Series, Marketing Events and other Programs would you most like to see Westfalen NA supporting, and in what ways?


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Are you interested in attending the annual Westfalen Breeders Tour to the 2021 stallion licensing in Germany held the last week in November, if possible?

Yes, send me more information
No, not this time
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Do you have any feedback or comments you would like to give to the Westfalen Verband NA on its Inspection Tour, Registrations, and Programs?  


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