Thanks for taking the time to nominate an outstanding Developmental Therapist. We are looking for nominees to honor a DT who has been in the field for less than 5 years and exhibits a high standard of integrity, and commitment to advancing the excellence, education, and ethical standards of the Developmental Therapist while upholding our EI principles. The following are the qualifications of someone who displays exemplary work in the field and should be considered for nomination.

* Has been working as a Developmental Therapist for 5 years or less.
* Families served by this DT report a high level of satisfaction
* Exhibits strong family-centered practices in their work as a DT
* Exemplifies best practices consistent with EI principles
* Demonstrates a high level of passion in their work as a DT
* Actively researches and seeks out mentorship to learn how to be the best DT
* Participates in volunteer and advocacy roles in the field