WICT Florida 2021 Mentor Mastermind Program Application
WICT Florida won WICT Global's 1st Place Award for Mentoring Excellence in 2020 and we are BEYOND excited to host this reimagined program for the second year in a row! This will be a six month group coaching program led by Kimberly Maki.

WICT Florida received a grant that enables our Members to participate for FREE!

This program will offer the ability for participants to share wisdom, provide support, listen, and ultimately develop a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, respect, and honest communication. Participants will be paired with collaboration partners, within the program, to put their learning into action with support and accountability. This is not a traditional, one-to-one mentor/mentee relationship program, connecting women in top-level industry positions with a mentee.

In your application, we want to hear from YOU. Program content will be tailored to development areas of most importance to you. Areas may include career planning, confidence, mindset, beliefs & reframes, conflict management, building & leading teams, influencing outcomes, gaining clarity, decision making, and more.

Please complete all questions.
This program will be capped so get your application in early! 

Please submit your completed application by Friday, October 15, 2021
Please contact us with any questions at wictflorida@gmail.com.