Abstract Submission 45th Annual Meeting November 2021
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  • All authors and presenters must be YOP/UKISCRS members.
  • All submitters must register for the meeting and be available.
  • All authors and presenters must enter a declaration of interest should the presentation have an Industry/financial link.
  • All authors will be written to after the deadline date and the judging panel have reached a decision. 
  • Successful abstracts* will be requested to be prepared in the following format:
    • Posters: Digital - details to follow
    • Papers: 4 minute presentation plus 1 minute of Q&A - maximum of 6 slides
    • Video: 5 minute video plus 2 minutes of Q&A
  • Prize winners must be full YOP members and be in a training position
  • The overall winner, will be presented with the historic Founders Medal. This is for photographic purposes and journalistic recording. The medal must be returned to UKISCRS at the end of the Congress.
  • Letters will be written to all category winners for revalidation/review folders.
Please enter all the boxes as accurately as possible. If you have any query completing this form, please email gillwood@ukiscrs.org.uk. Closing date for submission is Friday 3rd September.
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