Business Buyer Confidence Survey
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Our aim is to collect data on how buyers see the current market and publish the results for everybody to see so that we all know the state of the current market without relying on our own guesswork. We can't do this without your help, and we appreciate your time.

All results will be posted on and sent to you on a bi-monthly basis, with our hope being to increase public awareness of market activity.

Required 1.

Based on the businesses you have seen on the market so far, how likely do you feel you are to find a business that suits your requirements over the next 6 months?

1: Not Likely At All 5: Slightly Unlikely 6: Slightly Likely 10: Certain of Success  
Required 2.

How positive do feel today about buying a business?

1: Very Negative 5: Slightly Negative 6: Slightly Positive 10: Very Positive  
Required 3.

How do you see the current business & economic climate changing over the next 6 months?

1: Massive Decline 5: Slightly Declining 6: Slightly Improving 10: Huge Improvement  
Required 4.

How easy do you feel it would be to finance a business purchase in the current climate?

1: Very Hard 5:Slightly Difficult 6: Slightly Easy 10: Very Easy  
Required 5.

How do you feel about the current supply of business for sale on the market?

1: Short Supply & Over Priced 5: Not quite enough/slightly overpriced. 6: Just enough at an OK price. 10: Plentiful & Well Priced