Artist's Block Survey
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As artists we all have periods of productive output and also fallow periods.  I am curious about your experience with this, and if you get what is known as "artist's block".  If so, how do you identify it?  How do you deal with it?  I've read lots of advice on how to overcome artist's block, and I wonder which things have worked for you.  Your answers will help me fine-tune my workshop offerings and develop new ones.  I appreciate your participation!
What is your medium of choice?  Check as many as apply.
mixed media
fiber art
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How does your art practice fit into you life?  I'm not asking whether you make a living on it, just how much of your time it occupies.
full-time occupation
part-time occupation
serious hobby for personal enrichment
not-so-serious hobby for personal enrichment
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Have you had artist's block, or are you blocked now?
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How would you describe artist's block?  Do you distinguish between artist's block and less serious periods of diminished inspiration?

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How long have periods of artist's block lasted?

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Do you have any insight as to what causes artist's block for you?

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What do you do during periods of artist's block?
avoid making art
make a lot of bad art
pick up your art materials and then abandon them
make stuff, but get frustrated with it too easily
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If you have overcome artist's block, which of the following have been instrumental?  When I say "overcome", I mean that your art practice started to flow again after engaging in a particular activity.  You no longer felt blocked.
talking to other artists
taking a class or workshop
buying new art materials
learning a new technique from a book or blog
looking at other artist's work
just pushing through and making SOMETHING even if you don't like it
returning to a previous comfort zone
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Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with artist's block?

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