Targeting Regional Industries and Occupations

Dear Workforce Development Partner,


The South Plains Regional Workforce Development Board expends approximately $3,000,000 in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Funds each fiscal year to help upgrade the skills of the region's labor force. Training funds are used to fund the costs of training eligible jobseekers to fill jobs in critical occupations within high-growth industries. The industries and occupations critical to the regional economy are identified through a targeting process that engages our local workforce development partners. Training in the targeted occupations will be funded by WIA funds throughout the year.


Statistics regarding industry and occupational growth can inform our targeting efforts but only take us so far. It's only by gathering local wisdom from employers and our partners in workforce development, in education and in economic development, that we can make the best decisions regarding the occupations that are vital to our region's economic success. Please assist us by answering the questions below. We ask that you respond by February 1, 2013. If you would like additional information, please call us at (806) 744-1987.


The following industries are included in the list of preliminary selections.  Based on your knowledge of local industry, which industries do you think should remain on the list?  (Check all that apply)


Oil and Gas Extraction
Support Activities for Mining
Building Foundation/Exterior Contractors
Building Equipment Contractors
Other Specialty Trade Contractors
General Freight Trucking
Specialized Freight Trucking
Warehousing and Storage
Business Support Services
Elementary and Secondary Schools
College and Universities
Outpatient Care Centers
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
Nursing Care Facilities
Automotive Repair and Maintenance
Commericial Machinery Repair/Maintenance
Based on your knowledge of local industry, which industries do you think should be added to the list and why? 

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Please refer to the list of preliminary targeted occupations.  Which occupations do you think should remain on the list?  (Check all that apply)

Accountants and Auditors
Construction Managers
Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Industrial Machinery Mechanics
Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses
Medical and Health Services Managers
Medical Assistants
Medical Secretaries
Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Vocational Education
Radiologic Technologists and Technicians
Registered Nurses
Secondary Teachers, Except Special and Vocational Education
Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor Trailer

Please refer to the list of 28 additional occupations  that present good alternative options for targeting.  Which occupations do you think should be added to the list and why?


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Do you know of occupations that are new or emerging and may not yet show up in the occupational statistics that we should consider for targeting. Please visit the Texas Cares Online website for a list of occupations that are emerging in the State that may provide good local job opportunites within the next two years.

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Are there other factors that we need to consider before we finalize our targeted industries and targeted occupations lists?


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Please feel free to forward this survey to others who may be able to provide additional insight.  Once we compile all responses, we'll send you a revised list of both targeted industries and occupations for final review.  We may invite you to meet with us if we find it necessary to discuss options further before finalizing the lists.  Once the lists are finalized, they will be presented to the Workforce Solutions Board of Directors for consideration and official adoption.  We appreciate your time and the wisdom you've shared with us!


Martin Aguirre,

CEO, Workforce Solutions