Time for Subpoenas? Take Our Urgent Survey on Benghazi

House Speaker John Boehner and Chairman Mike Rogers both oppose a Select Committee to Investigate the 9/11 Terror Attack on Benghazi.  Now six months after the attack, do you think Congress should just move on to other pressing matters?
Yes, we've already done enough investigating of Benghazi.
No, we need to keep digging for the truth.
I'm not really sure.
There are as many as 30 survivors from the 9/11 Benghazi Terror Attack.  These Americans are not only heroes, but witnesses to an act of terror against the United States.  Obama has hidden the identities and locations of these witnesses from Congress.  Should House Republicans subpoena these witnesses in defiance of the White House?
Absolutely, and long over due.
No, let these people move on with their lives. They've suffered enough.
Not sure

Do You Support a 'Watergate-Style' Select Committee to Investigate the 9/11 Benghazi Terror Attack?

Not Sure
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How Do You Rate Speaker John Boehner's Job Performance Since January?

Awful and needs to be replaced
None of the Above/Not sure
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