Debate Issues/Questions

City Council District 2

Debate Issues/Questions for Linehan and Lee

We are requesting your input to ensure that the issues/questions asked reflect the priorities of The Fort Point Community.  Each South Boston Neighborhood Association may submit three to five questions. Please complete the survey. If your issue(s) is not listed, don't worry- you can add them during the survey. Thank you!



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Affordable housing: retain artists and attract talented residents to enhance the Fort Point Brand as a creative arts district
Clarification- Home rule petition for special law regarding eligibility for cooperative housing corps.

Traffic and Transportation: Traffic Impact from new development (hotels, BCEC expansion, State Street and apartments) 

 Not important    Very important 
Additional Bus Service A Street/service direct to South Station
Opening the Haul Road/ South Boston Bypass Road to All Traffic
Bike Lanes
Available Parking: public and residential

Community Improvements Betterments

 Not important    Very important 
Rising Sea Levels Impact on existing buildings and future development
Lagging Infrastructure and Services (grocery stores, shoe repair, cleaners, etc...)
Obtaining 1/3 residential population-where are we now and how should we proceed?
Summer Street Underpass on A Street
Alley between Farnsworth & Sleeper Streets
Lack of community meeting venues, civic amenities

100 Acre plan

 Not important    Very important 
Open/green space
Privatization of ground level space
Historic preservation
Public Safety 
 Not important    Very important 
Police presence

If not listed, please enter your critical issues and questions here.   


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We also invite you to submit specific questions based on your interest in the topics  provided.  


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