Applying for a job at LawLers Barbecue
RequiredRequired Question(s)
Required 1.

Why do you REALLY want to work with us? 

What locations are you available to work at?

What is your availability? 


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Required 2.

I am currently employed in the fast food industry, or have worked in it before. 

Required 3.

My preference would be

To work as a cashier up front
To work on the back line making orders
To only open and do prep
To run the place
I can do anything really.
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Required 4.

Please check all that apply to you below.

I do not smoke
Can lift up to 30 lbs many times in a day
Can stand on my feet for long hours
I have great hand-eye coordination
I have good manners
I will scrub and clean as instructed
I have body piercings/tattoos that are visible
I will meet the dress code
I have a bank account
I am a convicted felon
I can pass a drug test
I will allow a background check
I always do my best
I have a clean driving record
I have worked at one job longer than 3 years
Required 5.
We will need to know a little more about you to go on...

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:

Required 6.

I have dependable transportation to and from work.

Required 7.
I would like to have at least this many hours a week to make it worth my while.
Less than 10
Between 10 and 20
Between 20 and 32
Full time over 32
Required 8.

Rank the following in order of what is most important in your next job, with 1 being least important, and 10 most important.

(1 = Least important)
Steady and dependable hours
Better working conditions
Better pay
Less drama at work
Getting along with the people I work with
Feeling appreciated
Believing in what they stand for
No dress code
Opportunity for advancement
Need a slower pace
Required 9.

Why should we think about letting you be a part of our LawLers Barbecue team?


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Required 10.

When could you come to work if we decided to give you a shot...

After I work out a notice
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