2020 has been an upsetting year. Maybe your business has suffered maybe you are considering throwing in the towel. Don't do that quite yet. Sandra and I have been working hard to find up with a way to keep you energized or maybe re- energized in a business you love or once loved. As we wait for the vaccine let's dive back in to the old and the new.
We at the DSA have been teaching now for over 20 years. Many of you took with us way back then. Much has changed and others have remained the same. changed. Design principles have not changed but styles, trend and how we execute, and market have. That's why this offer is only to DSA alumni and we are requiring you to retake the decorating and staging portions of this offer. But after that you get to acquire a new disciple and emblem to add to your website with the gold you may add three new emblems and disciples.
Fill out the following survey, so we know who you instructor was and what year you took class because this offer is only good for our alumni. After completing the survey, you will receive a code for you chosen program.   Bronze, Silver or Gold