Heritage Trust Volunteer
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Tell us about yourself so we can make your experience as a volunteer the best it can be.
How did you become aware of our organization? Please select all that apply.
Referred by friend or colleague
Searching the internet
Went to an event
Read an article
Searching a nonprofit ratings website
How long have you participated in or have known about the activities of the Heritage Trust?
Less than 1 year
1 - 4 years
4 - 8 years
Before the Park existed
Approximately how often do you prefer to volunteer for our organization?
Once a week
Once a month
At events
On my own/at home
Once a year
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Which of the following volunteer activities would you be interested in participating in? Please select all that apply.
Become a member of the Splash Pad planning committee
Newsletter writing/create flyers
Planning events
Assisting at the Heritage Center office
Volunteering in the park gardens
Working at "The Shack" concession
Making deliveries (have small truck)
Collection raffle prizes and making baskets for events
Security at Events
Entertainment at Events
Head a Committee - Splash Pad
Become a Board Member
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