Living Into Community: Cultivating Practices that Sustain Us
Lakeside Chautauqua will welcome Dr. Christine D. Pohl, Associate Provost and Professor of Christian Ethics and Church in Society at Asbury Theological Seminary, as Preacher of the Week from August 14-18. Dr. Pohl's research identifies core practices needed for a vibrant community.  She authored, Living into Community: Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us. We are using Dr. Pohl's research to begin a dialogue about community and the core practices needed that she uncovers.   
To understand what community means to you and how you experience community at Lakeside, you are invited to participate in an electronic questionnaire, interviews and storytelling opportunities this spring. This electronic questionnaire is one of the first opportunities to participate in this valuable conversation about our community. Importantly, we invite you to be involved in the conversation about community this summer by attending Hoover Community Worship, Faith For Living Hour, Monday Hoover Night Lecture during August 14-18.  Luncheon conversations will take place Wednesday, Aug., 3 and Wednesday, Aug., 10 in Hotel Lakeside.     
"Religious as well as secular research have recently rediscovered that humans need to 'belong' and describe various versions of our longing for community - a place where one is known, or at least a group where everybody knows your name. Many of us are looking for community," writes Dr. Pohl.

Let's get started.  We want to understand what community means to you and how you experience community at Lakeside.