Welcome to the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  You will be asked to read a statement and answer according to how much of the time that statement is true of you.  

Some tips for taking this assessment:
1.  Pray.  Ask the Lord to guide you so this assessment will be a tool to help you find your place in ministry.
2.  Answer quickly.  Don't think too hard about each statement.  Usually your first impression is the best one.
3.  Be honest.  Don't base your answers on what you think they should be or what others might think.  We are all different.  God knows what is in our hearts, and an honest assessment is the best way to discovering how to serve Him.

After your assessment is received, we will determine the results and advise you of the spiritual gifts which you rated the highest.  If you want immediate results, use the Spiritual Gifts Answer Sheet at marvinumc.com to record your answers as you go along.