Wall Graphics Survey
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How familiar are you with wide format display graphics (items including wall graphics, privacy film & 3D dimensional lettering)?
Very aware, clients are asking us to spec materials, recommend best practices & create unique environments.
Somewhat aware, but need more information on best practices & options to answer client questions.
Need more information, this is an offering our firm is investigating & we want to learn more.
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Do you see a need for wide format display graphics in the commercial sectors you work within?
Yes, clients across a variety of industries inquire about wide format display graphics.
Somewhat, it is trending but not every prospect or client we work with needs wide format display graphics.
Not at at this time, wide format display graphics won't continue to evolve or impact environments.
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When choosing a service provider, what is most important to your business?
Project management, dedicated team who understands our business objectives and time-sensitive projects.
Trusted partner, help us create additional value and exceed our client expectations.
Communication, keep my team informed of project updates in a timely manner.
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