Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois Survey
The purpose of this survey is to connect business resources with educational institutions, enabling both strategic groups to easily coordinate mutual sharing for the advancement of overall workforce development.
Benefits of Sharing Resources: 
The benefit of sharing business resources (i.e., industry classroom speakers, materials, business tours, hands-on student experiences, etc.) with educational institutions is significant real world opportunities for students to learn and experience sustainable income career fields.
Respondent Information Usage: 
The respondent information provided for this research will be used to create a database that Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois members and approved educational institutions will be able to utilize and access resources advancing student students' career field knowlege. 

Please provide contact information for you and your company to be listed in the database as a point of reference for connecting with business resources.

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Please share information regarding the background of the company. 


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Please mark the areas below that your firm would be willing to share at no cost to local educational institutions for the purpose of student learning about career fields. Please include what grade level (K-12) they would be appropriate for as well as the contacts name, email, and phone number in the "comment" section of the question. 

Classroom speakers, please list presentation topics
Classroom materials, please list type of materials (software, books, building materials, etc.)
Business, facility tours, or virtual tours, please list type of facilities
Hands-on experiences, please list type of hands-on experiences (simulators, internships, etc.)
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Do you have other resources that would be useful for students? If yes, please list the resources.


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Are there specific skills your business would like to see in graduates that you believe are missing from the recent candidates you have interviewed?  


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Does your business offer a program that students can job shadow or learn from professionals?


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Are there other comments you would like to share that are not covered in the questions above?


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