Request an In-person Phenology Monitoring Workshop
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We are inviting applications for Refuge staff to learn how to design and implement a phenology monitoring program, through an in-person, 2-day workshop at your Refuge. You will learn how to adapt the USA-NPN's plant and animal observation program Nature's Notebook ( to suit the needs of your Refuge.

The USA-NPN can provide a workshop free of charge, including covering travel costs one of our staff to your Refuge. Your Refuge must provide accommodation for our staff and a meeting space for workshop participants. Applications that demonstrate the involvement of both Biologist and Visitor Services staff will be given highest priority. 
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What are you hoping to achieve at your Refuge with phenology monitoring through Nature's Notebook?

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Who will be making phenology observations for your group?

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Do you have plans for which species you will be monitoring?

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How do you plan to use the phenology data that you collect?


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