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Which of the following statements describes how healthcare can be financed?

Patient pays fees directly to the provider.
Patient pays premiums for self-provided insurance. The insurer then pays the provider.
Patient has employer provided insurance.
All of the above.
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Which of the statements below is NOT true regarding provider networks?

Even in emergency situations, the patient must use an in network provider to receive the highest benefit.
Insurers pay a higher proportion of the patient's costs in exchange for the patient using providers within the network
There is a perception among patients that networks do not provide a high level of quality care.
Provider networks were established by insurers to seek discounts on fees.
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The individual and employer mandates were established in PPACAto increase the number of participants thereby increasing the cost of health care.

Required 4.

Select the formula below that reflects the value proposition.

Value = quality/payment
Value = payment/quality
Quality = value/payment
Required 5.

Which of the situations listed below does NOT put inflationary pressure on expenses in the healthcare industry?

Healthcare technology
Risk contracting
Increased patient volume
Salaries of healthcare specialty providers
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