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Our extraordinary team of volunteers is comprised of over 100 individuals: some able to work a few times a month and some a few times a week.  Together, they donate nearly 4,400 hours a year!

The glamorous tasks they complete are varied -- counting fliers, stuffing playbills or envelopes, ushering at live shows or movies -- and absolutely essential.  In exchange for performing these vital duties, volunteers get to see amazing performances and earn reward tickets to films.

Volunteers are expected to show up on time and ready to work, dressed in black and white with proper footwear, for the events they sign up for.

Training sessions run several times in the spring each year.  New volunteers will be required to sign up for and attend one of these sessions in order to start volunteering at the WHBPAC.  To find out when this year's sessions begin, please call Kristen at 631.288.2350, ext 118 or email her at
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