New Member Gifts & Talents Survey
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TALENTS AND STRENGTHS: Please identify up to three (3) areas in which you feel you are most gifted:

Artistic - enjoy sharing your artistic skill: music, visual art, photography, writing etc
Teaching - adults or children; in the classroom or through mentoring; possibly developing learning materials or curricula
Leadership - able to provide good direction and encouragement to a group working towards a common goal.
Stewardship - good at managing resources
Finance - have a gift for understanding money, investments, accounting etc.
Vision - talent for developing strategies or plans
Communication - may include websites, newsletters, marketing and publicizing
Computer skills - hardware and/or software, website development, social media
People skills - conflict resolution; making people feel welcome
Community building - helping people connect; developing/supporting small group ministry
Compassion - empathetic and helpful to others; enjoy providing support to those in need
Justice - raise people's awareness about justice issues; work towards a more equitable future
Helper - enjoy working behind the scenes and helping where needed
Hands-on person - enjoy working with tools, building, performing maintenance, caring for our building
Grounds skills - enjoy gardening, landscaping, taking care of our outdoor spaces
Entertaining - enjoy developing or working at special events; can include cooking, planning, decorating, and organizing
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What are some specific ways in which you would like to use your skills and talents. For instance, "grounds skills" could lead to "organizing a garden work party" or "volunteering to mow the lawn."


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I am interested in being a leader of a program or group
I am interested in receiving leadership training
I am interested in providing leadership training

Are you interested in:

One-time commitments
Short-term commitments
Long term or ongoing commitments
Unable to commit at the moment
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What affinity groups, small group ministries, social justice teams or other groups would you like to see at Boise UU Fellowship?


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Thank you for participating in this survey! If you have questions or would like information about our current teams, projects and service needs, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Sarah Olson, at