2018 Showcase: Redesigning for Student Success - Submit a Session Proposal
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Thank you for submitting a proposal to present at the 2018 Showcase: Redesigning for Student Success!

The deadline to submit a proposal has been extended to OCTOBER 10 2017

You will be notified by October 31, 2017 if your proposal has been accepted. Presenting schools must confirm their participation by November 15, 2017. Schools not confirming participation will be subject to removal from the program. Acceptance confirmation commits the school to presenting and registering for the Showcase. Final presentation descriptions will be due by December 1, 2017. All presentation materials must be provided by January 20, 2018 so that they may be made available on the Showcase website for all Showcase participants. 

Presenting schools will receive a stipend, based on the distance traveled, to help defer some costs. The stipend may range from $500-$750. Two waived registrations will be extended to adult presenters, and up to two waived registrations will be extended to student presenters from each presenting school. All other members from the presenting school must register according to the established rates for the Showcase. 

If accepted, a member of our team will be available to assist you in preparing for your session, including: answering questions you have about the content of your session; providing information about the format for your session; hosting any materials you may want to share on our event webpage; and ensuring that you have the appropriate AV support. 
Presentations will be held each day of the Showcase. Presentations should be 1-1.5 hours in length. 

Presentations will be organized around the following topics: 1) Advisory Programs; 2) Student Projects; 3) Whole School Redesign; 4) Senior Year Redesign and Senior Year Projects; 5) School-Wide Deeper Learning; 6) House Systems and Smaller Learning Communities; 7) College Prep. and Career Pathway Programs; 8) Four-Year and Four-Year Plus Learning Plans

We are looking for interactive workshops that not only present the WHAT - the nuts and bolts - of the topic, but equally address the HOW - how you were able to achieve success. 

We strongly encourage you to build in student presenters to your workshop format.

Presenting schools must commit to host a roundtable discussion on the final day of the Showcase in order to answer questions and facilitate further discussion. 

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School Name


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Name of School Principal


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Name of school contact person who will handle correspondence related to the Showcase. 


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Email address of designated school contact person who will handle correspondence related to the Showcase. 


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Which of the following best describes your school community?

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Please describe the demographic breakdown of your school community (list sub-groups and percentages).


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Please describe your school's unique redesign program. Include a brief history of your redesign, identify critical components of your redesign program, identify ongoing work of your redesign program. 


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What results do you attribute to your redesign program? (Include any data that shows how the program has impacted student achievement, graduation, school culture and climate, etc.)

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What topic does your proposed session fall under?

Advisory Programs
Student Projects
Whole School Redesign
Senior Year Redesign and Senior Projects
School-Wide Deeper Learning
House Systems and Smaller Learning Communities
College Prep. and Career Pathway Programs
Four-Year and Four-Year Plus Learning Plans
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What is the title of your session? Please do your best to make this eye-catching and unique. This will go in the Institute program. 


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Name(s) of session presenter (s)

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For which audience of practitioners is your session most appropriate?
Middle School
High School
Both Middle School and High School
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Please provide a brief description of your workshop. Be explicit in addressing both the WHAT and the HOW of your topic, as well as how the session will be interactive. 


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Please include a "lesson plan" for your workshop, including: times, activities, and what participants will be doing. Please remember that sessions should be interactive, and include time for both presenting, exploring and discussing new information. 


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Does your proposed workshop include student presenters?

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How you will include student presenters in your workshop? Please describe how student presenters will be integral to your workshop. If your workshop does not include student presenters, you may say that as well. 

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Presentation Materials: Each room will be equipped with flip chart paper, markers, tape, and post-it notes for a single workshop session with approximately 25 participants. All presenters are asked to bring their own laptops. Any other presentation materials must be furnished by the presenter(s). Handouts and other presentation materials (i.e. slide shows) must be electronically provided by January 20, 2018 and will be made available to Showcase participants via our event webpage. Please provide information on any special materials your session may require.


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Technology Needs: Every room will have a projector, screen and audio. We ask that you bring your own laptop, charger, adapters, and at least 1 USB stick in case you need to transfer your presentation slides/folders to another laptop. Please provide information about any other technology needs your session may require. 


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