Waste Watchers Member Survey 2018
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Thank you for your interest in Waste Watchers of the Eastern Shore of Virginia! If you haven't already officially become a member by paying your annual dues of $10, please do so on the PayPal link included or via check and post. 
If you have not already provided the following information and you would like to do so, please enter the information indicated below.

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In addition to contributing annual dues of $10 or any additional donation, I also want to support Waste Watchers by contributing my talents as follows:

Festival booths (willing to man a booth and talk to the public)
Festival recycling (willing to help empty recycling bins)
Trash Talkers (willing to talk to groups about litter and recycling)
Essay reviewers (willing to read and judge childrens' essays)
PR (willing to write and/or record messages for radio or newspapers)
Web Site Maintenance and/or Social Media (willing to help with content updates/contributions-
Litter removal (work with others to remove litter from roadways)
Organize community roadside litter removal events through our Operation Our Clean Roads program, in cooperation with VDOT.
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Required 4.

For the last several years, Waste Watchers monthly meetings have been held on the second Wednesday of each month at noon at the Chamber of Commerce office in Melfa. We are looking for additional leadership and member participation and can change the meeting time to encourage this. Please let us know which of the following options would work for your schedule.

Current Time/Location
A different weekday or week of the month (please provide details in the comment section)
Monday-Thursday at 5pm (if there is a day that is best, please indicate in the comments)
Monday-Thursday at 6pm (if there is a day that is best, please indicate in the comments)
Weekend (please provide details in the comment section)
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Required 5.

Have you been successfully receiving and accessing the GreenNews? Please include any suggestions in the comments section. 

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