Thank you for your interest in participating as an artist at Arts Night Out! The Arts Council believes that your work deserves to be shown, which is why Arts Night Out has created over 500 new exhibit opportunities since its inception in 2016 for local artists to show to a large population during a highly creative and collaborative community event.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey and tell us about yourself. 

Please note that in this survey the word artist(s) is used loosely because Arts Night Out encourages all types of artistic disciplines to participate. Examples of artist(s) (both youth and adult) that may collaborate in Arts Night Out include but are not limited to:
  • Painting, drawing, watercolor, photographers, traditional visual art, etc.
  • Writers, authors, storytellers, etc.
  • Public artists like chalk artists, Plein Air painters, street performers, buskers, etc.
  • Sculptors, ceramicists, etc.
  • Spoken word artists, poetry, literary arts, etc.
  • Fiber artists, weavers, etc.
  • Screen-printing, printmaking, etc.
  • Jewelry, wood, and metal artists, etc. 
  • Design arts, graphic design, computer illustrations, digital media, etc.
  • Culinary arts, food design, food presentation, etc.
  • Videographers, film directors, documentarians, etc.
  • Singers, musicians, bands, etc.
  • Arts & culture non-profits, community organizations, galleries, cultural associations, etc.
  • Dance troupes, dance movement organizations, shoe demonstrators, etc.
  • Theatre groups, shows, actors, etc. 
  • Festival, annual event, or other pop-up event organizers
  • Arts educators, classroom work, young creatives, therapeutic arts, etc.