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Interoperability & Health Information Exchanges
Medical Informatics / EHR
Health IT Project Management
Mobile Health / Wearable Technologies / RTLS
Telehealth / Telemedicine
Clinical & Business Intelligence / Modeling
Health IT Policy
Blockchain: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Innovation
Privacy & Security
Quality and Patient Safety
Professional Development
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1. Topic should be relevant to the healthcare audience and preferably should help bring some new perspective
2. It should be non-commercial and have educational value
3. Speaker should have experience and expertise in that particular topic
4. It shouldn't be a repetition of a recent presentation (case by case)


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Please list three or four learning objectives the audience will take away from your talk.


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Please indicate when you will be available to give this talk at a Houston HIMSS Lunch and Learn or other event.  See this link.  Most of the time, the lunch and learn dates without a speaker indicates we need that slot filled by someone.


This is not true all of the time though.  Please give us a list of months that you would like to speak. If you can speak anytime, please indicate that.


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Have you presented this same presentation before? If so, please leave the event and date below in the comments field. 

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