CNGA 2018 Award Nominations
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Annually, CNGA accepts nominations for consideration for the following awards. The CNGA Board considers all nominations and votes on the recipients
must be received by January 11th to be considered for the current year's awards.
Award Information & Criteria 
Hall of Fame: Is a prestigious award presented to an individual who, throughout their career, has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the industry resulting in overall improvements to the industry.
Person of the Year: Recognizes an individual who in the last 12 months has made a positive impact on the regional horticulture industry through their involvement, actions or participation in the promotion of professionalism, creativity and involvement for the betterment of the industry.
Horizon Award: Acknowledges an individual who has been in the industry less than five years, exhibits the qualities and high standards exemplifying CNGA, and during that time has made a significant contribution to a CNGA firm.
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Hall of Fame
CNGA Person of the Year
Horizon Award
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