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Please select one of the applicable categories that best describes your participation in this workshop:
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Please indicate total household income based on the number of persons living in your home by selecting the letter that applies to you (i.e. if you have a family of four, two adults and two kids, and your combined income is $120,000 you will select D):                                                  
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Please state the city were you wish to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU): 


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How far into the development process are you with building your ADU?

Haven't begun
Started looking at designs ( idea phase)
Hired a designer
Plans are being reviewed by city staff
Plans are approved and permit ready, but have not yet paid fees
Bidding out project to general contractors
Looking for financing
Currently in construction
Construction nearly finished
Construction completed and have final sign-off (certificate of occupancy)
Leased and occupied
Required 8.

What are the primary reasons for building / wanting to build an ADU?

To generate additional income as a rental property
To create a living space for a younger family member
To create a living space for an older family member (55+)
To create a living space for myself as I intend to rent out the main house
To create a living space for an intellectually and/or disabled family member
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I understand that in order to participate in the Small Home | Big Impact program, I agree to partake in surveys provided by Housing Trust Silicon Valley.

I understand that there are educational requirements (ADU workshop and property management class) to qualify for financial assistance. Planning grants or any loans will require separate agreements. 

I understand that workshops may be video recorded for the purposes of in-house training, promotions and e-learning. I hear-by consent to being recorded and maybe interviewed without receiving any compensation. 


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Any additional comments or questions you would like to share/ask regarding ADUs?

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