GBMP/Shingo Institute Courses: Host Site Checklist & Agreement
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We are delighted to learn that your organization is interested in hosting a Shingo Institute workshop with GBMP. This survey provides the information you need to determine if hosting is an option for your facility and enables you to submit your request to host to GBMP. If you have any questions, please call 617-969-1396. 
Required 1.
We wish to host the following workshop(s): 

All of the workshops are 2 days, except for Continuous Improvement, which is 3 days. 

Discover Excellence (the prerequisite for all the others)
Cultural Enablers
Continuous Improvement
Enterprise Alignment
Build Excellence
Required 2.

Public versus Private:

We understand that for PRIVATE workshops, a host is required to enroll a minimum of 12 participants. The list of students names & email addresses must be provided to GBMP at least two weeks before the start of the workshop. (Private workshop hosts pay discounted tuition per student but are responsible for the instructor's travel/lodging expenses.)

For PUBLIC workshops, we understand that if GBMP is unable to secure 12 participants, a workshop may be canceled or postponed. (As a host of a Public workshop, you receive two seats for the price of one; you must enroll at least one person to the workshop.)

Sites that host Shingo workshop are also entitled to a discounted Shingo Gap Analysis. The Gap Analysis is an 8-hour comprehensive assessment of the current state of your facility and includes a roadmap to excellence based on the Shingo Model. Normally $4,000, Shingo workshop hosts pay $3,000 + one day of lodging. 

We wish to host workshops which are:

Understood; We'd like to host a workshop which is open to the public
Understood. We will host a Private workshop for our employees only
Required 3.

Course logistics.

The preferred start and end times are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with check in on the first day beginning at 8:15 a.m. 

All courses require visits to the Gemba of the facility where the workshop is being held. 

The meeting room should be large enough for 25 attendees and be comfortable for group-based work. Ideally set up with tables for 4-6 people each. The room must be quiet so participants can hear instructors. If the training room is normally used for other purposes (i.e. a cafeteria), you must be able to ensure there are no interruptions for the duration of the workshop. 

We will provide GBMP information to share with attendees regarding: Directions to the host site, parking considerations, & local lodging options (one or more reasonably priced hotels).

Works for us
Not sure it will work for us. Will need to make an exception.
Required 4.

Audio, Video, WIFI & Supplies.

The instructor needs a projector that can be connected to a laptop and will also need sound capabilities. The instructor prefers to use his/her own laptop whenever possible but can use a USB where required to use an onsite computer. If this is the case, QuickTime Player software is needed on said computer.

Participants benefit from having WIFI access during lunch and breaks if you are able to provide it. 

Flip charts, markers, Post-It Notes and easels are needed for each of the groups, plus one extra set for the instructor. Post-It Note flipcharts are preferred. Each team should have two packs of Post It Notes and each stack should be a different color. 

Works for us
Not sure this will work for us
Required 5.


Water throughout
Coffee/Continental Breakfast upon arrival each day
Lunch each day
A mid-morning beverage break
A mid-afternoon snack & beverage break

Note: Sometimes participants have special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) and a host must be able to accommodate special dietary requirements if necessary.

We can do that
We are not able to do any of that
Required 6.

Opening Introduction to the Host Site/Agreement to provide Gemba Sites:

Someone from the host site will provide a 10-15 minute business overview on the first morning of each workshop so that participants in PUBLIC courses have an idea of the work done at the site and where the company is on its Lean journey. This is not necessary for PRIVATE workshops.

Shingo workshops require at least two workplace (Gemba) visits by our teams to practice assessment & questioning skills. This typically means someone from the host site must be present to escort the teams to and from the Gemba sites. 

Yes, we can do these things
Not sure
Required 7.


Please consider if there are any company restrictions, ITAR rules, PPE, health or safety requirements you need GBMP to make attendees aware of prior to arriving for the course. (For example, must wear closed-toe shoes, no make-up, must be a U.S. Citizen, must bring photo identification, cannot be from a competitor.) If Personal Protective Equipment is required, please let us know if you will provide (eg safety glasses). 

We will provide this information to GBMP
We have no such restrictions
Required 8.
Agreement by host: Please use the address of the location where the workshop(s) will be held if different from your own. 

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Company Name:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:
# of years of Lean experience:

Required 9.

Please list your preferred dates to host a workshop: (You can suggest a month or certain days of the week, or specify exact dates)

Please list preferred dates for your discounted gap analysis if you wish to take advantage of it: (Usually done the day before a workshop starts or the day after a workshop ends; n/a if not interested)


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