DO YOU Currently Volunteer or Would you LIKE TO?
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Understanding "Volunteers in the Community." In this brief survey, we are asking for community feedback regarding volunteerism. Your email address will not be shared unless you request to be notified of the "community volunteer opportunity database" being organized by Your responses will be shared with other community volunteer coordinators in a general statistical format.
Required 1.

Why Do you Volunteer? 

Faith-based Reasons
Civic Group Affiliation (please name the group below)
Developing New Skills
Connect to the Community
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Required 2.

What activities are you most likely to volunteer your time and energy towards? 

Faith - based service for an organized church
Community organizations-FOOD Security (i.e. Food Bank, Food Pantries, community gardens, etc.)
Political Advocacy
Developing or Learning New Skills
Community EVENTS (Parades, Art/Car Shows, County Fair, Festivals, etc.)
Child and Youth Development Programs (i.e. SMART, Junior Achievement, etc.)
Community- Centered Issues (Mark ALL that apply)
~ Addressing Homelessness
~Drug Abatement/Treatment
~Neighborhood Beautification
Community Development (Civic Committees, Parks, Public Art, Etc.)
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Required 3.

Aside from personally being busy, what obstacles stop you from volunteering?

Not Aware of the available opportunities
No Known opportunities that Interest Me
Scheduling Conflicts
No Child Care
Transportation Limitations
Nothing - I volunteer when I want
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Required 4.

Does your employer encourage and/or reward volunteerism? (If so, please consider sharing the name of your place of employment)

Self Employed
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Required 5.

We are evaluating various volunteer opportunity platforms. Are you willing to sign-up with a community volunteer database to be alerted of available local opportunities that fit your chosen personal interests? If Yes, please answer the last question so we can get in touch with you at a later date. If No, Thank you for your time, we truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts about volunteering.

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If you answered yes to the question above, please submit your name and best email address that we can contact you at a later date with more information about the volunteer opportunity platform. Your contact information will be shared ONLY with Common Connections, (a local 501(c)3) that is focused on facilitating projects that enhance and benefit our local community.

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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Your input and insight into our community's approach to volunteerism is invaluable. Thank you for participating in this "community listening" session and providing feedback to these important questions.

Please Share the "Community Listening Survey" with others in our Community!

Updates and Further information
will be posted at this link: 
"Community Opportunity: Volunteers Make it Happen"

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