Statewide Contract Vehicles Survey
The Operational Services Division (OSD) has negotiated an array of Statewide Contracts to satisfy Commonwealth fleet needs. Two of those contracts address fleet acquisition: VEH98 (Purchase of Vehicles) and VEH93 (Heavy Duty Vehicles). 

Over the next year, OSD will be negotiating successor contracts for VEH98 and VEH93 and we are interested to hear from public buyers that fall into any of these groupings:
     - Used the VEH98 or VEH93 contracts;
     - Elected not to use the contracts in lieu of another source;
     - May have future fleet acquisition needs.  

OSD will be closely examining buyer feedback to understand vehicle purchasing requirements and how our current contracts meet customer expectations.  

Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey. Choose to answer some or all of our questions.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


Select your organization category and add your organization name/other details, if possible, in the comment section. 

City/Town Department of Public Works
Executive Department
Fire Department
Higher Education
Housing Authority
Municipality/County Government
Non-Executive Department
Police Department
Public Authority/Commission
Public/Charter School
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Which statement best reflects your organization and vehicle purchasing?
We have purchased vehicles using Statewide Contracts.
We considered using Statewide Contracts but ultimately chose another option.
We have not had the need to purchase vehicles but may in the future.
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If given the option, how would you prefer to order a vehicle? Note that all choices allow for upfitting which requires buyers to supply all applicable details.  
Full Customization: "Build a vehicle" process whereby you select a base vehicle from an awarded vendor and add/modify specifications to meet your specific needs
Semi Customizable: Process whereby you select a specific vehicle, detail the packages/options that are important to you, and submit to multiple vendors for bidding
Customization Done for You: Select from a list of predesignated vehicles with various packages/options already configured (process currently in place through the VEH98 Master Vehicle List)
Are there specific vehicles, vehicle categories (i.e. fire trucks, motorcycles, etc.), components, or services, not offered on contract that you would like to see added? If so, please specify what you would like added, and, if applicable, why current Statewide Contract options do not meet your needs. 

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How could our contracts better address your "green initiatives", including the Commonwealth's Fuel Efficiency Standard or Green Communities requirements?

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Are there specific contract terms that you would like to see added, omitted, or revised? Examples include process for getting quotes, delivery terms, driver training, etc.  


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What would make you more likely to purchase from our vehicle contracts? Please be as specific as possible, including details about other purchasing options that may be more enticing.


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The VEH98 Master Vehicle List includes all base vehicles available and enables buyers to sort by desired criteria, such as make/model, four-wheel drive, primary fuel type, etc. Select the response that reflects the value of this resource to your organization.

Very Important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat Unimportant
Not at all Important

Select the response that indicates the level of importance you assign to being able to solicit quotes from multiple vendors, affording the opportunity to drive down price.

Very Important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat Unimportant
Not at all Important
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Do you have interest in serving on a Strategic Sourcing Team to plan the future VEH98 and/or VEH93 contracts? We are seeking vehicle subject matter experts, frequent purchasers of vehicles, or those with technical expertise. If yes, provide your contact information at the end of the survey, or send an email to


Please share any additional feedback you may have. 


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