Art of Convening: Core Post-Training Survey
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Thank you for your commitment to convening by participating in the AoC Core Training. Your responses to this survey are important to your completion of the course and are essential to development of future AoC programs.

Gratefully, Craig & Patricia

About you.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:

Recalling what was covered in your course:

  • 7 2-hour Zoom Sessions
  • Partner Calls
  • Coaching call with Craig
  • Napkin Test
  • Interactive Session Google Docs
  • Case Study presentations as Presenter, Council and Council Responders
Required 2.

Upon completion of the Art of Convening training, I am more confident in my ability to facilitate, lead and/or convene meetings or gatherings in my professional and/or personal life.

1-Strongly Disagree 2-Disagree 3-Somewhat Disagree 4-Neither Disagree nor Agree 5-Somewhat Agree 6-Agree 7-Strongly Agree     
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Required 3.
Course features
The training used the following methods/tools to facilitate your learning. Please use the scale below to share what was valuable for you. 
 1-Of no value/ use 2-Very little value/ use 3-Of little value/ use 4-Neutral 5-Somewhat valuable/ useful 6-Valuable/ useful 7-Extremely valuable/ useful 
7 Zoom sessions
Online learning platform (blog)
Blog posts
Partner Pairs
Course homework
Individual coaching w/ Craig
Case Study Design + 10 min Report + Wisdom Council
Interactive Google docs
The Art of Convening book
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Required 4.
Your growth as a Convener
What practices or tools support your desire and growth as a Convener? [check all that apply]

*Found on the blog/Learning Platform (some in the Additional Resources page)
The Convening Wheel*
Practice the Principles of Conversation*
Stringing the Beads*/Hearing All the Voices
Transition Exercise(s)*
Meeting Design Worksheet* (used for your Case Study)
Mindfulness practices
Spiritual practices
Appreciation practices
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Required 5.
The Convening Wheel
Describe why and how the Convening Wheel is a useful tool in creating transformative engagements.

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Required 6.
Describe convening to someone who knows nothing about the method or practice. If helpful, describe the setting/situation.


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Required 7.
Convening Resources/Practices
I plan to, or currently utilize, these resources or practices from the Training in my work and/or life:

Case Study Worksheet to design future engagements
Use the Principles of Conversation or other AoC tools
Add/use convening practices to my work practice toolkit
Add/use convening practices to my consulting practice toolkit
Add/use convening practices to my coaching practice toolkit
Add/use convening practices in my personal life
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Required 8.
Your AoC Graduate Community future
I intend to ...

Join a Community of Practice bi-monthly Call in 2019 (convened by Grads for Grads)
Participate in The Convening Institute community (post relevant events, successes, challenges, questions)
Invite Craig or Patricia to co-convene with me
Be interviewed for the CPL blog (work with Craig to develop content)
Learn more about next AoC Train the Trainer Certification Course
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Required 9.

Now that you've completed the Art of Convening Training, how will you apply the learnings in your life/work?


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Please list any questions you have for Center for Purposeful Leadership staff.


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