Camp James Summer Day Camp Survey
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Required 1.
How many days did your child attend camp at Camp James this summer?

1 Day only
2-5 days
6 -10 days
11-14 days
15 - 29 days
30 days or more (VIPunky)
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Required 2.
What did your child like most about their camp experience? Select all that apply.
Variety of activities
Their counselor(s)
Water activities
Being outside
Just being with peers & having fun
None of the Above
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Required 3.
As a parent, what did you like about Camp James? Mark all that apply.
Outdoor environment - unplugged
The price
Flexibility in scheduling only the days I want (as opposed to weekly)
The staff
Variety of activities
The hours we operate (7:30 am - 6 pm)
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Required 4.
Overall, how would your family rate your level of satisfaction with us?
Highly satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Highly dissatisfied
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Required 5.
How likely are you to return next summer?
Not likely
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Required 6.
How important is the theme of the week to your child?
Not Important
There was a theme?
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Required 7.
Which of the following were typical of your child's summer plans? Mark all that apply.
Other camps
Summer School
Year-round School
Time at home/Family time
Unscheduled Time/Down Time
Is there a team member you would like to recognize?

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Do you have any suggestions for improving Camp James?

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Do you have any other comments about Camp James or this summer that you would like to share with us?

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